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Odusseus Sea Taxi

(+30) 2674033581, (+30) 6972142374, (+30) 6974420950
Odysseus sea taxi is here to bring you to the most beautiful island in the Ionian sea, Ithaca, quickly, safely and in the time you choose! We can pick you up from Kefalonia, Lefkas, Meganissi, Mytikas, Kalamos,Kastos, Astakos, intermediate islands and islets and bring you quickly and safely at the port of Ithaca, Vathy and reverse, by covering the distance of 30nm (nautical miles) in less than an hour! Just contact us and we will pick you up from wherever and whenever you want! Our long experience in daily cruises, our expertise in mechanical and electronic equipment and our love for the sea ensures a safe and enjoyable trip! So avoid the stress of the planned trip and enjoy the services of Odysseus sea taxi. We suggest you to discover and enjoy the beautiful homeland of Odysseus and the warm hospitality of the people of Ithaca! You will find us at the port of Ithaca, Vathy.
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