Chani Restaurant

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Placed In side of Niritos mountain near to Hommer Laerti's field under the protector of lthaca "Virgin Mary of Kathara", point in which north Ithaca join the south and the Ionian sea appears also from two sides of island, in altitude of 180 meters. The famous Dimia's chani, from Doriza family of Vathi. With history....In this"chani" were getting rest the passengers and accepted water, loukoumi, coffee, bread and cheese from the flocks of old man - Dimias, his son Konslantis and his bride Baggeloylas. The Lord Byron was entertained there, going to the Hommer's School. Also, because of its possition was used as observatory in second world war.
Today in the same place "CHANI" revives from us, the grandchildren of the family, turned in coffee-bar and beside the new building of our restaurant which is allocated for weddings, parties etc.