Folklore museum of Vathy


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In the 1996 the museum has included the collection of a series of etchings by JHW TISCHBREIN (1751-1829) with figures of Homer, courtesy of the Centre for Odyssean Studies.
The purpose of the museum is to better coordinate the activities for the conservation, development and dissemination of cultural heritage of the island of Ithaca in particular:
exploration, rescue, preservation, recording and presentation of items that are unique witnesses of a bygone era that so far remains largely affects the culture of our island and the preservation and promotion of our folk traditions, our cultural heritage, and our remarkable naval history.
The continuous enrichment of exhibits and collections.
Communication and exchange of experience, expertise with other museums of its kind.
-The printed version, albums and books of folklore, historical and cultural content.
-The adoption of modern information and promotional materials (Video, cd-rom, tape, etc.).
-The organization of conferences, seminars and workshops on heritage, tradition, folklore, traditional architecture, etc.
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