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Pillikas Villas

The villas are surrounded olive grove Holdings lefomenes the inclination of the soil provide excellent sea views across the horizon and the archaeological site of Ithaca. The complex is located in Northern Ithaca near Megalohorites "Cross", 1000m from the ...

Cavos Cottages

Built on the side of the mountain of Lefki, with a panoramic sea view and the island of Kefalonia across the bay, the newly built Cavos Sunset View Cottages offer accommodation with a unique combination of luxury and leisure, ensuring relaxing and truly e ...

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Razos Windmill

Razos Windmill Accommodation has a history far removed from holiday rental, yet makes the perfect place to stay while on a holiday on Ithaca Island, the gem of the Ionian. In 1937 the Windmill, which then made wheat and barley, was passed onto the Razos ...

Villa  Kalos

The VILLA KALOS idea has been ripening for several years. In the Summer of 2007 its owners, Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene, both celebrated photographers in South Africa, finally decided to carry it out. Thus the story was born about a brand new dwelling a ...

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Folklore museum of Vathy

In the 1996 the museum has included the collection of a series of etchings by JHW TISCHBREIN (1751-1829) with figures of Homer, courtesy of the Centre for Odyssean Studies. The purpose of the museum is to better coordinate the activities for the conserva ...

Archeological museum of Stavros

It houses finds from the northern Ithaca dating from the proto-Helladic as the Roman period. The building was constructed in 1933. In 1994 was reform of the report and repairs of the Museum. Most finds are from the excavations at the Cave of Loizos and P ...

Archeological museum of Vathy

The museum collections include finds from the Geometric to the Roman years of excavations in the Aetos and the other locations. Of particular interest is a class of vessels of the Geometric period obtained from local laboratory. Also impressive is the col ...

Eumaeus Villas

Eumaeus villas are in a spectacular place near Vathy in the Island of Ithaca. Ithaca island is in the complex of the Greek Ionian Islands and is unique for holidays in Greece as a couple or with your family. The spot that Villas in Greece with private po ...