Villages in Ithaca Greece



Anogi is a mountain village situated 16km northwest of vathy and it is the oldest village on Ithaca. Very impressive are the prehistoric megalithic monuments, known as Menir, with the highest rock “Arakli” being 8m tall. In the area you will find remain ...



he Picturesque village of Exogi lies on the Homeric Mountain of Neion, at an altitude of 340m surrounded by wide "steps" of fertile land full of vineyards. Exogi, meaning "Out land", is only 2km from Platrithias and a total distance of 20km from Vathy. D ...



The graphical village of frikes lies on the northeast part of the island 19 km away from Vathi. In the small port you will see two traditional windmills and small beautiful beaches that attract many people. Frikes show archaeological interest as it is ide ...



Kioni is situated 24 km from Vathy and is one of the most beautiful villages on Ithaca. It is built on a deep bay and the village and has been declared as preserved. It offers wonderful views and beautiful beaches such as Plakoutses. The entrance of the ...



Vathy (or Vathi) is the capital of Ithaca since 1500 and has a population of 1700 people. Vathy’s is build like an amphitheatre around it's natural port (the Homeric Forkys port) which is 300m. wide and its length is 926m. Small hotels, apartments, and ...